Management Contract for Bioremediation of soils

GIS has participated since the tendering phase as a consultant for winning a public contract to operate two bioremediation stations  of hydrocarbons contaminated soils.

As a result of high-quality services, GIS has been contracted to manage the bioremediation process, supporting contractors in all process stages: project management services for soil quality analysis, technical solutions to streamline the process of bioremediation, planning and managing activities, waste management services, elaboration of documentation for obtaining permits, analysis purchase of products and services necessary to develop the optimum process of bioremediation.

The purpose of the contract was to achieve the following services: consulting services, project management, soil sampling, conducting laboratory tests (total content of hydrocarbons in the soil, analyzing the amount of nutrients in the soil, pH, moisture level of fungi and bacteria needed in bioremediation process, containing biocides, etc.), analysis of soil loosening level, communication with the client, activity reports to the beneficiary, etc.