Student internships

The professional practice represents a necessity for the academic field given that the biggest challenge for an institution of higher education studies is to align the education offer with the labor market needs.

GIS works with Bucharest Polytechnic University in developing training programs and internships for students majoring in environmental protection. We provide an appropriate framework for strengthening theoretical knowledge, training skills and apply the knowledge acquired by students, according to the specialization for which the student instructs.

The practical activities were also designed to strengthen the relationship between the university and the economic environment, in this way ensuring graduates more likely to hold a job.

GIS-UPB 2014 internships

In 2014 GIS organized an internship for Bucharest Polytechnic University students at the Department of Hydraulics, hydraulic machinery and environmental engineering.

The company has offered students the opportunity to become familiar with the specifics of the organization, to know the workflow in the departments Procurement, Research and Development and Technical Department through their daily living activities specific to each department, by accomplishing daily specific activities of each department mentioned above.

Following the outstanding results and skills gained in internships, two master degree were employed in the company at the completion of the training program.

GIS-UPB 2015 internships

In 2015 GIS has continued its partnership with Bucharest Polytechnic University, collaborating in a project financed by European funds and the participants were MA graduate students who opted for improving knowledge in the areas of renewable energies, waste management and the production of documentation for obtaining the integrated environment Authorization.

The internship was completed with a competition organized by the Polytechnic University of Bucharest and one of the graduate students who have worked in the GIS training was declared the winner.