Global Innovation Solution is active in research and development, engineering and technical consulting, testing and technical analysis.

The multidisciplinary expert team provides integrated technical solutions for a wide range of environmental and energy protection services, such as environmental engineering, industrial energy, energy efficiency, alternative energy sources, environmental protection, chemical engineering and energy policies, that allows us to offer varied services such as technical assistance in research, development, innovation and consulting in various fields.

The experience of the team members allows us to engage in various activities and projects, such as environmental consulting, development of documentation for obtaining approvals, agreements, authorizations, integrated environmental authorization, technical assistance in research, development, innovation, participation in public tenders for services purchase, sales of waste management equipment.

We collaborate with experts from renowned universities and research institutes, such as: Bucharest Polytechnic University, Research Institute for Pedology and Agrochemistry, Institute for Studies and Power Engineering, Tecnalia Fundacion Research and Innovation, RIVM (Netherlands), BIOTEHGEN Research Center.