Clients portfolio

Philip Morris Romania S.R.L.

GIS provides environmental consultancy services for Philip Morris Romania S.R.L the service contract for Environmental Consultancy and Monitoring Services.

FEPRA International S.A.

GIS provides environmental consulting services in the field of packaging waste management – the traceability of packaging waste for FEPRA International.

KRONOSPAN Sebeş 2018

In 2018, GIS has developed the technical environmental documentation required to review the Integrated Environmental Authorization for Kronospan Sebeş. Under this contract, GIS has developed the necessary documents to revise the permit (Application Form, Site Report, Security Report, Emergency Plan).

KRONOSPAN Sebeş 2017

In 2017 GIS realised an audit of the security management system for Kronospan Sebeş.

KRONOSPAN Sebeş 2016

In 2016, GIS elaborated the technical environmental documentation required to obtain a
new Integrated Environmental Authorization for Kronospan Sebeş. Under this contract, GIS
has produced the necessary documents to obtain authorization (Request Form, Site Report,
Safety Report, Internal Emergency Plan) and supported the beneficiary at all stages of
obtaining this authorization.

The contract was successfully completed in January 2017, Kronospan Sebeş obtaining the
new integrated environmental permit.

KRONOCHEM Sebeş 2015

In 2015 GIS signed a collaboration agreement with Kronochem Sebeş S.R.L. to provide the consulting services required to obtain the Integrated Environmental Authorization. Under the contract, GIS has developed the necessary documents to obtain the authorization (Request Form, Site Report, Safety Report, Internal Emergency Plan) and assisted the beneficiary in the stages of the authorization procedure.

KRONOSPAN Sebeş 2015

The contract consisted in achieving the Integrated Environmental Permit to increase the capacity of formaldehyde instalation from 30,000 t / year to 40,000 t / year.

During the procedure for obtaining Integrated Environmental Authorization, GIS provided support for  Kronospan Sebes SA  in the process of obtaining it.

OMV Petrom SA

Management Contract for soil Bioremediation

GIS has participated since the tendering phase as a consultant for winning a public contract to operate two bioremediation stations  of hydrocarbons contaminated soils.

The services consisted of supporting contractors at all stages of the process: project management services for soil quality analysis, technical solutions to streamline the process of bioremediation, planning and managing activities, waste management services,
elaboration of documentation for obtaining permits, analysis purchase of products and services necessary to develop the optimum process of bioremediation.

The purpose of the contract was to achieve the following services: consulting services, project management, soil sampling, conducting laboratory tests (total content of hydrocarbons in the soil, analyzing the amount of nutrients in the soil, pH, moisture level of fungi and bacteria needed in bioremediation process, containing biocides, etc.), analysis of soil loosening level, communication with the client, activity reports to the beneficiary, etc.

Societatea Naţionala NUCLEARELECTRICA SA

Services Development of supporting documents for obtaining the environmental agreement for the Nuclear Fuel Factory (NFC) Pitesti Lot 3. This contract was awarded to the GIS Consortium in November 2014. The project has as main objective the provision of environmental assistance and consultancyfor authorities and interested public, and to carry out the environmental impact assessment. The contract involves the elaboration of documents such as the Appropriate Assessment Study, documents for the presentation of the studies prepared, as well as offering environmental assistance and consultancy in the relations with the interested public during the course of the procedure.

OMV Petrom SA

Operation of bioremediation stations, temporary storage platform and final disposal of OMV PETROM SA – lot 5

In November 2013, Global Innovation Solution start working with an association of four
construction companies, winning an operating contract for two bioremediation stations on
oil-contaminated soils.
In February 2014, Global Innovation Solution signed an engineering consultancy contract
with the four companies, becoming the bioremediation process manager and providing
support to contractors at all stages of the process, including:

  • achievement of project management
  • Soil sampling
  • Laboratory analyzes (total soil hydrocarbon content, soil nutrient analysis, pH, humidity, fungal and bacterial level necessary for bioremediation, biotic content, etc.)
  • Communication with the beneficiary, reporting to the beneficiary
OMV Petrom SA

Framework Agreement for works related to abandonment of wells belonging to OMS Petrom SA

In June 2015 GIS won the tender for the “Framework Agreement for works related to the abandonment of wells belonging to OMV Petrom SA” contract, contract which was signed with OMV Petrom SA. The responsibilities of GIS in this commitment are as follows: the management of the soil remediation processes, physicochemical analysis and making the documentation in order to obtain permits and agreements, etc

OMV Petrom SA

Field investigation services, elaboration of related documentation and documentation to obtain permits / agreements, permits to work cleaning, soil remediation, and / or groundwater and ecological reconstruction of contaminated sites belonging to OMV Petrom, as well as land were the contamination is the result of contamination migration from sites belonging to OMV Petrom.